Olivia d’Abo Presents: Extreme Resort Makeover

extremeresorttvExtreme Resort Makeover will be a reality TV show to reveal how every aspect of a resort is renovated. The show’s first season will be about the rebuilding of Hoberg’s historical Resort and Spa from start to finish.

Bringing it back to life…………….

Be looking for when the show will premier


The Mythbusters on location at Hoberg’s

Mythbusters_borderedFor the first time in the 11 years of the History of the show, the hosts of the Emmy-nominated Discovery Channel series “ Mythbusters”, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman filmed their Halloween special episode at Hoberg’s in 2012.

The forested back drop and the private cabins provided the perfect horror movie style environment and setting to conduct their creepy experiment on paranormal sounds.

The theory being “Busted”: Is there is a frequency of sound too low for the human ear to hear, but will cause the inhabitants of the home to conclude that the home is haunted? Are these sounds real?

Do they find evidence of life after life? Watch season 11 of the Mythbusters to find out!


Filming at Hoberg’s

Haunted Hoberg’s

The new Investigative Reality TV Series, Unresolved Mysteries, has agreed to shoot an episode at Hoberg’s. Our cabins and natural backdrop make a choice location for a spooky and mysterious adventure.

Filming begins in April of 2014.


Incredible Mysteries

IM_LOGO_FINAL_FULLCLR_SMALLTravel with the “IM” Team as they explore real life unexplained phenomenon. Can you handle the truth?

MakeShift Production’s Producer John Sullivan dares you to join the Incredible Mysteries team’s adventures to discover what is REALLY behind some of the most fascinating places, legends, and people in the world of the unexplained.

Hear from the experts, celebrities, and the people who actually experienced events that will capture your imagination.

Filmed at Hoberg’s Resort, Join the IM team as they explore the history and reality of:

  • Nephilim: The half human fallen angels.
  • The Haunted Cabin: Strange doings  and sightings at a historic resort in the mountain wine country of california that became a retreat for the followers of a famous guru.
  • They Are Among Us?: Alien abductions: fact or fantasy?